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Since it's inception in 1997, Roswin has been recognized by the wireless communications industry as a leading supplier of RF & Microwave signal generation components. With innovative concepts in hybrid circuit design, automated manufacturing technology and fully automatic test system. Roswin's high quality components have been widely used in major transmitters and receivers, RF repeaters and base stations for Cellular, PCS, IMT-2000, DMB, and WiBro applications.

Today, Roswin's broad RF & Microwave product line includes: ultra low phase noise fast switching synthesizers, phase locked sources, wideband voltage controlled oscillators, dielectric filters, LC filters and up/down converter(UDC) modules. Roswin serves a wide range of markets including digital radio, telecom, telemetry, test and measurement and satellite communications.

With a state-of the-art R/D center, Roswin provides rapid prototyping and quick turnaround times giving you an edge in product development cycle and time to market. Our broad range of products, integrated architecture, and in-depth technical experience enable us to deliver cost effective solutions to even the most challenging applications. Roswin maintains a strong active commitment to quality and strives to make continuous improvements. Contact us and let ROSWIN help you gain a competitive edge with products designed and manufactured for today's most competitive market.